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Victims of sexual assault expect privacy. But 16-year-old Jada was violated all over again once explicit images from her rape surfaced on Twitter. So Jada decided to take her story public.

“There’s no point in hiding,” the Houston teen tells KHOU. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”

I’m sharing this because certain people on twitter  NEEDS TO BE STOP! Specially the ignorant side of black twitter! Every time something bad happen to a young black women or black girl twitter is quickly to explode it into something bigger! And Jada story is one of them! She’s a 16 yearls high school student she could be your sister,cousin, neighbor, or classmate! This tragic thing happened to her and these ignorant people on twitter looking for followers exploit this to point where the disgusting hashtag was created #jadapose. People tweeting pictures of themselves in the pose in which Jada was found! What I find even worse about this its that a lot of the people doing these poses are young black men and women. Something like this happen to someone who could possibly be your sister and instead of asking for justice you rather create a new meme? And some of them even argue “oh how do you know she got rape?” Does it matter? a picture of an underage girl laying on the floor looking like she’s passed out is not something be laughed at EVER! Like ”A rape victim’s trauma is not grounds for a new internet meme. Pls do not partake in such ignorance. Report pictures.”

I’m happy and proud of Jada for speaking and not letting this disgusting thing becoming any bigger

Which brings me to what I’m trying to ask or say here when will sexual assault towards black girls and young black women will be taking serious by young black people?

i truly don’t understand what kind of world we live in.

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Anonymous asked: sooo you a rough sex blog preaching feminism? fuckin weird



Look man. I don’t give a fuck if i’m knuckle deep in her ass hole and she’s covered in cum and tied to my bed frame, I still hold her equal to me.



When will your fave?

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"Fucking white people"

- every person ever at least once regardless of skin color, heritage, or religion (via spicy-vagina-tacos)

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"Your dress is too short."

Thanks, the designer used your dick for inspiration.


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that “thirsty” dude hitting you up and checking up on you all the time is probably the dude that actually cares about you.

Oh shut the fuck up girls have no obligation to date guys just because they show basic kindness towards them, stop guilting girls into liking you back

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Y’all LOVE preaching about praising black women and uplifting each other but y’all shitting on one to compliment another, GTFOH.

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Seen in Atlanta today

stoptellingwomentosmile please keep doing what you are doing. People are horrible but your art is so needed. Don’t stop fighting

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I saw a meme some time ago with Martin Luther King Locking arms with a group of Black men vs Young black boys today sagging their pants. The caption read “when they respected us vs why they don’t respect us now”…While I understand the point the meme was trying to make I feel the deeper message is problematic. White people DID NOT respect blacks during that civil rights era. They were Bombing little blacks girls in churches and spraying black people down with hoses. Blacks dressing in nice suits and dresses DID NOT change the harsh treatment they received. That Meme is inaccurate. The way Black people dress, how much money they made, how low they cut their hair, how straight the made their hair, or how “educated” they were has never changed the way whites view Blacks. Like my dude Tupac said “I don’t care  if you a lawyer, a doctor…These white folks view us as Niggers and thugs”Whats the point of this post? The point that too many black people practice this pseudo-logical philosophy that if we somehow someway “act” more towards white peoples standards then they will accept and respect us. If yall stop “cussin, killing each other, acting this or that way white people will respect us” ask yourself, is that really true? What evidence do you have?I know people of the African diaspora living in Africa, America, Europe, and The Carribean lost their culture/history/Africanisms so it may be hard to understand but White People ARE NOT the standard for Humanity. White culture/customs are NOT the Alpha and Omega of Human life. Regardless of what they have programmed into your mind what your ancestors practiced is what civilized the world. Always remember that. Peace.Post made by @solar_innerg#sancophaleagueFollow our backup account @sancophaleague_

this freaked me out cause patrick got serious